Advanced Innovation Global Competition 2021




27th December, 2021


The Advanced Innovation Global Competition (AIGC) is the largest, and most prestigious innovation contest for students.

AIGC is held with the spirit of providing a unique and different competitive platform in innovation. This year, Advanced Innovation Global Competition 2021 will be organize through correspondence or online competition.

The objectives to be accomplished by AIGC are:

1. To bring and gather young innovators from all over the world to enjoy the challenges of innovation in a spirit of friendly competition.

2. To encourage, challenge, and give recognition to young people who are exceptionally talented in the field of innovation.

3. To foster friendly international relationship between innovators over the world



Registration Requirements
  1. Innovation product / design

  2. Entry form

  3. Research Paaper

  4. Video presentation and demonstration

  1. Certificate - Special Prize

  2. Certificate - Gold Prize

  3. Certificate - Silver Prize

  4. Certificate - Bronze Prize

Registration Fee
  1. The registration fee for online competition is 350 USD

  2. Payment should be made before November 30th 2021

Judging Criteria

Scoring for innovation project will be in accordance to the following evaluation criteria:
  • Innovation

How innovative the projects is, innovation-breakthrough, is the innovation important and beneficial enough for human life?

  • Performance and Practicality

Simple using operations, convenience but consideration of safety and environmental concerns, easy maintenance, compatibility with a variety of systems, easy to expand peripheral considerations, energy saving consumption.

  • Presentation

An inventor’s can present his/her invention’s features, functions and structures completely and clearly.

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Organized By


June 1st
Open registration
November 30th
Registration Closed
December 27th
Announcement the winner Medal's and Certificate